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“Why can’t we just take all semi-automatic rifles and lock them up at a range?

Then when you want to go shoot them, you go to the range and get your gun,” he proposed.

As it turns out, Moore has been accused of sexual anything by two women, not seven or nine, one of whom sounds somewhat credible, and the other is now being shown to be a bold faced liar.

The lady with credibility describes how forty years ago (40!

Either way, it is likely that Moore will win this senate race, and that he will be seated.

He has done nothing wrong, and therefore cannot be subjected to further attacks by ethics committees or other organs of the state.

There is no fight left in the GOP, at least not against socialism and national suicide.

People like pollster Frank Luntz, and local politicos like Charlie Gerow (who I have always liked and admired), have sought to stay on the anti-Moore bandwagon. Interact with the show live via skype- comedyroom or the chat room. or Check us out your mobile device Download and search for comedypipe.When people outside the establishment media began to dig into these “allegations,” one woman’s claims immediately failed under scrutiny.Her stated facts and timeline changed constantly, the other people in the story said she was lying, that she never worked in the places she said she worked, and so on.

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