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It features uptempo music combined with call-and-response and Indian chants.

Many have heard its siren call and walked its neon-hued promenade in search of, well, bourbon (despite the warnings), only to be faced with what seems like booze roulette. Rating: 8, because it also has an amazing burger served with waffle-cut chips Refreshingly, there's no neon here, but actual candles for ambient lighting. did we mention the rum-and-ice cream root beer float?

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This is the kind of place you'd want to bring your parents if you happen to have them tagging along while you're on Bourbon Street (for some reason).

It's a standard-fare Bourbon Street bar with all the fixin's: live music, a balcony, and lots of tourists wildin' out.

Rating: 4 Gussied-up bar food that includes a burger benefitting firefighters, a solid selection of beers, and, oh yeah, "the 5th Quarter Challenge": If you can make your way through a 4lb burger and 2lb of debris fries within 45 minutes, you've earned yourself a free meal, a jersey, a spot on the Wall of Honor, and eternal bragging rights.

Beware the "purple drank," Lafitte's signature daiquiri.

Rating: 8 This Hole in the Wall is a hole in the wall. Johnny White's is the Moe's Tavern of Bourbon: cheap drinks, local barflies, zero touristy schlock, and an overall air of general sketchiness. But it loses points for being a haven for Redskins fans. Rating: 5 Less a bar than a genuine music venue, Irvin Mayfield's hosts some of the bigger names in local music seven nights a week (with no cover!

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