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We created Buzz Feed Violet to be a portrayal of the complicated, confusing women we all knew in real life, and it just felt like it was time to share my own life a little more honestly.”as an actor to have that much of a story dependent on such a big change for my character.

But as far as focusing on my sexual identity, that was something I had already come to terms with in my real life,” she said.

Dana: You wasted your awesome Tegan and Sara hair for nothing. Got an invite to the official lesbian poker night and everything.

Buzz Feed has been an LGBT-inclusive space for much of its existence, thanks in part to resident lesbian video creator and star (and After Ellen friend/contributor) Brittany Ashley.

'”“The decision to ‘come out’ in this way was an evolution,” Ashly said.

“The characters on Buzz Feed Violet are loosely-based on us as real people so the more I discovered about my queerness in my real life, the weirder it felt to hide this part of me from our audience.

Most of my friends are queer women in relationships with other women, and I had this idea of like what would happen now if I start dating a man?

And if anything I think that might have deterred me, I think in a way deterred me from dating a man because I don’t want to lose my community.

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Ali: [laughs] But I’ve also had a straight male friend call me once and I thought he was totally with it and he’d never had a problem with anything, but he called me up and he’s like, “I have been listening to the radio.It’s not about gender, it’s about finding a compatible partner that takes care of you when you’re sick, makes you laugh, and gives you tons of orgasms. [laughs] I’m a big believer especially in relationships in self fulfilling prophesy in general like regardless of sexual orientation, if you’re convinced that your partner is going to cheat on you or your partner is going to leave you, it’s probably going to happen just because like you’re pushing—you know what I mean?We want love just like everyone else, we’re just less picky about said partner’s junk! So that’s sort of one part that I think is independent of the entire issue of sexuality. Like I’m speaking from a position where I haven’t been in a long term relationship for a while now and so when you’re talking about like a more casual sort of thing.It’s also a lot harder to sort of approach women or like kind of strike up connections because there’s that very real possibility of the negative reaction that you can get, and because you may not present in a way that’s like stereotypically queer.So like a few years ago I read a lot more queer and so on and so forth, and like come up to me a lot, and I was actually thinking the other day like it’s sort of too bad I didn’t identify as bisexual at that point.

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