Designer vb not updating

The Visual Web Part templates are nice because they allow you to use user controls (.ascx) files to generate your markup.

If you’ve ever created one of these Visual Web parts you’ve probably noticed that there is a code behind cs file and another odd file with a ascx.extension.

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Every time you make an update or change the file and then press save, Visual Studio pushes those updates into this auto-generated file.

The control is never actually deployed; instead the code files are packaged into an assembly and added to the GAC, creating the web part in Share Point.

That’s all fine and dandy, but have you ever run into the issue where you’ve made some changes to the control, deployed the solution and the web part hasn’t updated?

If you load up your Visual Studio solution you may notice that the auto-generated file is no longer a child of the control.

This prevents your changes from being pushed into the auto-generated file and ultimately deployed to Share Point.

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