Eclipse updating indexes android

One way to do this is to give the app a new version number in whenever you add or change an index in the configuration.The app is uploaded as a new version, and does not become the default version automatically.The development server can generate the Cloud Datastore index configuration automatically as you test your app.You specify configuration for Cloud Datastore indexes in directory.

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Now you can right click on a source directory and select PMD, it'll run recursively on the source files, and the results should be displayed in a window and hyperlinked into the correct file and line of code.Of course you need to change the "Executable" setting above to where your PMD is installed. If you haven't heard of Code Guide before, check it out. To find additional help for other features, please read included help by selecting Help-Help Contents and browse the "How to..." section in the "PMD Plugin Documentation" book.After installing an update, if you get an Exception such as "It supports two commands, "pmd-current-buffer" and "pmd-current-dir".The output is captured in a compilation buffer which allows the user to "jump" directly to the source code position associated with the PMD warnings.

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