Free chat with male dirty takes

Canine Special - Liberally apply peanut butter to your dick and call over the family dog. Chocolate Pizza - Happily discovering hemorrhoids while eating a shitty brown eye.

Cockblock - To interfere with a man's attempts to seduce a woman.

Brown Bagging It - Sometimes you meet a girl with a body like there's no tomorrow but a face like a mangy dog.

Don't let that body go to waste and let her hideousness stop you from fucking her though.

Brownie Queen - Passive partner in anal intercourse. Brunski - When a man puts his face between a woman's breasts and quickly moves his head back and forth while saying "Brunski" in a very drawn out and exaggerated manner.

Over many months, continue to gradually ream out the hole-at-the-head with larger items, thus ultimately allowing your "buddy" to obtain the goal of fucking your urethra. Cold Lunch - The act of vomiting directly onto some chick's head while she's performing fellatio.

Bronco, The - You start by going doggy style and then just when she is really enjoying it, you grab her tits as tight as possible and yell another girls name.

This gives you the feeling of riding a wild bronco as she desperately tries to buck you off.

Bugger - to perform anal sex, often referring to sex with animals.

Bullwinkle - The sign given to a friend in hiding while doggie styling' some chick.

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