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In other words, the 15-year experiment in a handgun ban has achieved absolutely nothing. Ireland’s homicide rate was fairly static going all the way back to 1945. Murders have basically run flat, seeing only a small spike after the ban and then returning almost immediately to preban numbers.

In that period, it fluctuated between 0.1 and 0.6 per 100,000 people. It is currently trending down, but is within the fluctuations exhibited in other nations. Gun control has no significant impact on murder rates. Why would the governments of these nations want a disarmed populace?

Russia has allowed “smoothbore long barrelled guns, pistols, revolvers, and other firearms, as well as Tasers, and devices equipped with teargas.” That’s almost everything, what is still banned? So the Russian government has made it clear that the real objective is to remove rifles from civilian hands.

The reasoning is pretty clear: you need rifles to overthrow a government.

You can’t blame an inanimate object that’s availability has absolutely no correlation to murder and expect to end violence.

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(TFC) Washington, DC – A church was shot up by a lunatic. The gun control lobby would have you believe that gun control reduces murders. Gun bans have always had the same effect once implemented: none.

The materials needed to manufacture a 12 gauge shotgun cost about .

If someone wanted to build a fully automatic Mac-10 style submachine gun, it would probably cost about .

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