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My c cup breasts are firm and my pale nipples ride high on them.

Then I look down to my pussy, which is bald and has medium sized inner and outer lips.

The door creaks open and I hear a man's voice ask, "You look Amazing! " Mom's voice sounds nervous, "It's my first time doing something like this... I look down my naked body and see his pants located at the foot of the bed, connected to a pair of legs that step out of the pants. I try to ignore thoughts of my Mom sucking a cock, but with the noises I'm hearing this task proves almost impossible. Mom lets out a laugh, types a response and stands up and walks into her bathroom.This is a story of an amazing sexual experience I had after my freshman year in college... Anyways, it all started when my parents brought some friends over (Kevin and Sarah) for dinner. "Sorry if i woke you dude, but i was trying to step over ya and my shades fell outta my shirt and landed there. I wanted to walk right up behind one and slide my cock up his sweaty ass. I took my bathing suit off in the laundry room, and wrapped my towel around my waist, and headed upstairs to my room. Then, his eyes trailed down my body until he was staring directly at the buldge under my towel, which was already big from the fantasy I had on the way home, and began to get bigger when I saw this sexy guy in my room. "I dropped my towel and took my time changing clothes. I sleep like a rock." I said, to throw a little motivation his way. I wasn't even using my head, like I normally would be. Anyways, I pretended to fall asleep, like planned, and at one point, kind of pushed the comforter off me, while groaning, as if a random movement in my sleep.They seemed pretty cool and laid back, and I enjoyed having dinner with them, but I retreated to my room afterwards. All the high schoolers were celebrating being done with the school year. "Now that you felt my package, it's my turn..." he said gazing his deep blue eyes into mine as he slipped his hand into my pants pants and began to rub my cock." "Ohhhhhhh" I sighed, unable to resist. So I'm just gunna grab em, ok." "Uh fine, i stammered, confused" He bent over, and I watched his hand move toward my cock, where I saw the sunglasses laying. That had felt so good when his hand was so close to my cock. My mom yelled to m me as I passed her so she would see the huge buldge under my towel. And now that he was staring at my cock, I felt it really start to throb and twitch. I knew he was watching cuz he didn't say a thing the whole time. I was going to pretend to fall asleep and watch him jack off. Adjusting and stroking himself occasionaly all evening when he thought i wasn't paying attention. I did that so he would be able to stare at my cock until, he had to jack off. I rose back to the surface, and came up with my head right between someones legs and felt genitals on my face. We both loved the same kind of pizza and movies, we both were going into our sophmore year of college, we both loved the show Lost, and we probably both had boners all night. He wasnt as hot as the other two guys I had seen that day, (or dreamt) but he was definetly still really fucking sexy. I looked up to see a large tree behind me blocking the sun. " I looked to my left to see a thin sexy brown haired guy looking down at me. By the time I got home I was packing a massive load. I opened my door to see a sexy blonde haired guy sitting down watching a movie. You must be Joey." "Yeah, I uh..." he trailed off as he looked at me. I turned away from him knowing this guy would peek at my ass. "I sleep pretty hard so don't worry about accidently waking me up if you need to go to the bathroom or something.

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