Guy code dating friends sister

*Girlfriend brings phone up to ear* Girlfriend : "Oh hey... "Oh, nothing really, Emma wanted to know if I would come over, and I said I would", She replied, "Is that okay? ( I honestly didn't mind her going, I enjoy my alone time).

Then she said "I was actually kind of hoping that you would come with...", I gave her a bit of a frown, and she finished with "I just really want you to come with, we're just going to hang out at their place, and we can also do some laundry while we're there." (We try to avoid paying for the laundromat across the street) "Ughhhhh alright..

If you are already familiar (It is similar to my other stories) or simply don't need the extra info, then go ahead and skip to the dotted line to begin the story.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy. I had moved in with my girlfriend a couple of months before, and everything was going great.

Both sisters were older (She is 20 I am 21), one is Emma (21) and the other is Sarah (24).

I don't really mind this relationship, the only time it bothers me is when I get dragged into some sort of responsibility when it comes to helping out her sisters with something.The names of any real people in the stories have been changed.The area between the dotted lines is used to describe the setting of the story.The characters and stories depicted here are fictional.Though some aspects may have roots in truth, almost everything is either fabricated and/or embellished.

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