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It look's like you were wrong and i'm gonna win easy! When it was over Tayuya was on one knee breathing heavily, covered in dozens of small wounds.Naruto had a few scratches and bruises, but was still relatively untouched "Ha, I told you Tayuya, I told you I was gonna win the bet. Y-you cant actually believe that I was serious about the whole thing?Now you're my slave." Naruto declared triumphantly. " Tayuya demanded desperately, hoping Naruto would let it drop."What, no! And I mean that literally, I've been reading the laws and that's one of them. Just for that, I think I'll give you a punishment, follow me." Naruto ordered as he walked deeper into the forest.'A ninja who has made a promise with another ninja may not break said agreement, under threat of losing their headband.' Apparently, dating was a lot different when the village was founded..." Naruto explained as he looked at Tayuya in disbelief. You think a stupid blonde like you has the balls to tell me what to do? Tayuya obeyed, but kept ranting and raving as they walked. I didn't follow your scrawny bitch ass all the way out here just to get lost.It's been hard since I have a limited time on a computer, but i'm making it work.This story is an AU, I've actually adopted Enslavement from Love Is4suckas. I've got permission from the author to do whatever I want with this, so I'm mixing what he did to the story with some of my ideas.Only to find that Orochimaru was one step ahead of them and was gone. She knew every one of the Konoha twelve, and even tolerated most of them."Hey Tayuya, what are you doing here? and you have to tell people how I beat your sorry ass whenever they ask why you're not eating any." She decided."But, but ramen! Knowing full well that she was going to win the match."Okay Tayuya, you've got a deal. " She yelled back, getting into her fighting stance.

And immediately will start a thick ‘etch’ in private cypress bath Upon arrival at the inn!

I've adopted this story from Love Is4suckas WITH PERMISSION and made it a Naru/Hina/Tayu version as opposed to Naru/Ino, as the original was.

Chapter 1 – Losing a Bet_ _ _ _ Training Field _ _ _ _It was a hot, sunny day in the leaf village.

The thought of someone breaking their word was sacrilegious to him. So now that I'm your " She all but growled the last word."Uh..." Naruto stopped, he didn't really know what to do with a Slave... " Tayuya proceeded to start a loud rant, eighty percent of which being various swear words. After a good few minutes he picked his jaw back up off the ground and nodded to himself. After ten minutes of walking Tayuya finally stopped and looked around. I swear Naruto, you better know where we are or I'll chop your fucking balls off." Tayuya growled."Tayuya, because of your dirty mouth I've got the perfect punishment for you.

As for Tayuya, she doubted Naruto was lying, he was getting serious about his dream recently. he was pretty self sufficient already, so it's not like he needed a maid, when he had something besides ramen he found he had some natural skill at cooking, so personal chef was out. Fuck that with a goddamn flag pole you mother fucker! Get on your hands and knees for me." Naruto ordered as he stopped walking and turned around suddenly. ""If you don't I'll-" Naruto tried to say but was interrupted, "What, you'll me? Naruto was getting a little pissed at the way Tayuya was talking to him. " Tayuya tried to yank her arm out of Naruto's grasp with little success."Because, you didn't listen.

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