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Being a little hard to get certainly couldn’t hurt – instead, Lorraine appeared desperate?Was this guy leading her on and then dropped the bombshell that he was dating someone? -Kristy As you know, reasonable people can agree to disagree.I’ve told a couple prospects the honest truth of what my delay has been in scheduling a date, and they all take it in stride asking me to contact them if and when the guy I’m focusing on doesen’t work out.Why is it that men take this stuff objectively but often women tend to get “offended” at the same information?Just because you get this blog emailed to you doesn’t mean you’re on my mailing list.My mailing list is a completely separate newsletter with completely separate advice that goes out every Tuesday.he’d be a saint, but instead he chose to be honest. Waiting to see the outcome of a handful of dates with one guy or girl while still letting your “backups” know your interested, is not “sloppy seconds”; it’s common courtesy, respectful and being authentic.

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I currently have 4 or 5 “backups” because I’m focusing most of my attention on one guy at the moment.But what Kristy fails to realize is that, if she were Lorraine, her pride would have prevented her from going on a lovely date with a man who did absolutely NOTHING wrong.His biggest crime, apparently, was that he met another woman first and was honest enough to – gasp!I’m dating a guy who is three years younger than me.This is something that, for whatever reason, almost always illicits weird reactions from people.

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