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But now, Slack has given every employee a virtual office door, and boy do we use them: Since adopting Slack last year, staffers have exchanged 1.2 million messages, and just 4 percent of them have been aired in the public channels that every employee can see.

Seventeen percent of our messages are shared in private groups, which require an invitation to join and are hidden even from administrators; 79 percent of our Slack chatter takes the form of one-on-one direct messages.

Vogt, 29, brought Slack to Gimlet soon after the company launched and is a true believer.

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“Then they set up a bot to tell me I was fired every time I posted.” Slack’s sway over the dynamics of a workplace is so strong, it’s capable of overpowering the physical design of the actual office.Last year blogger Beejoli Shah started to notice a curious new artifact populating her social media feeds: screenshots of office chats, mostly taking place in an upstart workplace communication tool called Slack.At first Shah failed to see the appeal of sharing a few lines of water cooler conversation among co-workers that, more times than not, appeared basically unintelligible to outsiders.(staffers to guess how many messages are public, answers ranged from 20 percent to 80 percent; that’s a long way from 4 percent.The real numbers are “insane,” Lowder Slacked when he heard them.

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