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Their hair was cropped short, institutional-style, and their clothes were unisex shorts and T-shirts. They had been abandoned--victims of China's one-child-per-family policy and of the traditional, economically motivated propensity to value males.Males both carry on the family line and provide for their parents in old age. Recent census figures indicate how badly the Chinese want boys.Girls marry and then have obligations only to their husband's family. In 1994 the worldwide sex ratio at birth was 101.5 boys for every 100 girls. No one is certain what happens to the missing girls.Some may be aborted after a sonogram reveals a female fetus, though this practice was recently declared illegal. Rural families are often allowed to have two children.The current one-child-per-family policy makes domestic adoptions more difficult, however.A couple must be childless and at least thirty-five years old before regulations permit them to adopt.They were miniature versions of the "Muselmänner" of the Nazi concentration camps, the ones who stopped struggling, gave up living, waited only for death--the ones from whom other inmates recoiled, as though the Muselmänner's resignation were contagious, the kiss of death.

As the employer of record for IHSS caregivers in Sacramento County, the IHSS Public Authority negotiates wages and benefits for IHSS caregivers, provides registry services to assist IHSS consumers in finding caregivers, and provides access to training for IHSS consumers and caregivers.The traditional practice of female infanticide, described decades ago by Pearl S. When the first is a girl, some families wait to record the birth until the second child proves to be a boy. The orphanage I visited is on the outskirts of a city, but the little girls were presumed to have come mostly from rural backgrounds.China is in the midst of what must be the largest rural-to-urban migration in human history.The baby had been in the orphanage since only a few days after she was born.When I had dinner with the new family a few days later, Rachel, who had been alert and curious when I first saw her but had been unable to hold up her head, was already discernibly stronger.

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