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Many of us remember using a Polaroid camera and shaking the print in a futile attempt to see the photo develop right before our eyes.The new Moto Mod brings a similar camera image to print experience for Motorola smartphone owners.I'm 36 and wear Vans (have done since I was 18 lol) but he thinks they look rubbish - I have no idea what is trendy these days!He had converse boots (which he asked for) last year and they soon got put aside...I looked at gadgetshop but it's mostly a load of tat! I worried I'm going to sound really ungrateful for replies but last year he had an hours flying lesson for his birthday, took it in June this year - it was fab For his bday that was fine, but I really want him to have a few things to unwrap this year as his 2 year old sister will have a pile of cheap things!

Trainers is a good idea as he def needs some new ones.

am looking at getting a tablet thingy from amazon (like an ipad but not as dear) but he's got a new iphone so dh says its just the same !!

but i need him to have something big to open iyswim as a suprise ds7 will have a huge pile as he is easy to buy for mite need to bulk up with clothes aswell.

He has an xbox in his room and a tv/dvd/ipod docking station, he had a gaming chair a few years ago so there is nothing he needs and I don't like getting him clothes as I see them as a nessecity so buy what he needs throughout the year. He's never really been name inclined so I said to him - I was thinking of getting myself some Superdry trainers... Just thought I'd treat myself to some Superdry trainers... It was advertised as 75 but I do know VERY are expensive. He has the Ultimate Optimus Prime from Amazon 59.99, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2 DVD, David Beckham something for men eau de toilette.... Sue, when he was 11 we got a special print, like a magazine cover with EXCLUSIVE! Obviously that's out of the question now there is no mystery!

He can have another DVD and another something for 30ish then it will be the traditional yearly - Guiness Book of Records, Lynx Smelly pack, Top Gear Annual and a selection box. my son is 14 and I find it very hard to know what clothes to buy him, so I take him round the shops and get him to point things out, try things on and then go and get bits of things he has chosen!

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