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The purpose of the study group is to improve understanding of occupational licensure issues and best practices; identify current policies that create unnecessary barriers to labor market entry; and create an action plan that focuses on removing barriers to labor market entry and improves portability and reciprocity for select occupations.Once the wrapping paper has been thrown away and the last drop of egg nog has been consumed, few people have a use for the evergreen tree that graced their home during the holiday season.He said the chamber had been waiting on a permit from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to allow them to start the dirt work.The Arkansas Wildlife Federation and the Little Rock based nonprofit organization Creative Ideas have come together to promote wildlife education through the arts in the Fifth Annual Wildlife of Arkansas Student Art Contest.Christmas trees typically only last a year or two before all that's left is the main truck, so Coleman suggests anglers sink groups of trees together.

Vaught said this group will work with delegates from other states to study issues surrounding occupational licensing and potentially develop some reforms.Sanders said the district will receive funding per course a student signs up for and the APSRC will invoice the district for half of those funds, while providing free access to quality curriculum for home school students to use.Monday afternoon, Little River County Judge Mike Cranford announced he was lifting the burn ban for Little River County.Vaught said the state legislature is working to make sure the state is not creating unnecessary barriers for hard working men and women who contribute to the state's economy by practicing their skills and trades.Early this year, the state was accepted into a national consortium where participating states will examine the issue of occupational licensing.

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