Robert pattinson dating kristen stewart 2016

He caused an army of female fans to leave their families and homes to follow him to wherever he was filming.

“I had a bit of a struggle at first because my life really contracted and I couldn’t do a lot of the stuff I used to be able to do," he admits.

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“They don’t come into my orbit and I don’t really see myself in a lot of mainstream parts,” he says.

He joins forces with Eric (Guy Pearce), a man of few words who is on the trail of a gang of thieves who stole his only possession, his car.

Ray is a role as far removed from the handsome Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies as Pattinson could get – which suits him fine.

“I’ve never been part of the group that gets these roles.” He particularly enjoyed working on the low-budget apocalyptic thriller The Rover because it was filmed entirely on location in the scorching heat of the Australian outback, where he existed on a diet of “white bread and barbecue sauce”, and where there were no fans or photographers to pester him.

“I just loved it because not only was there no one trying to find you, there’s no one there at all.

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