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Perhaps growing up you were told to, “Count your blessings”.New studies show that this simple act can improve one’s quality of life.Fortunately, scientists have now begun to study this issue.Their findings suggest that it’s not enough for people to be aware of the risks of drinking and driving or even to understand exactly how much alcohol it takes for them to be an unsafe driver; they also need to understand it while they’re drunk.

Every evening before going to sleep write down three things you are grateful for. The challenge is that you should try not to repeat things on your list. Perhaps you might include simple things like getting a smile from a child or finding the perfect parking space.If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, to find true HAPPINESS and success then I can help.With 20 years experience as a counselor and coach, I am a caring professional who will work with you to create your best possible life.For more information about Lynda’s book click here.Alcohol use among college kids seems to be part of the college experience.

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