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Other unrealistic expectations involve the unholy lol of terror, the infamous, and much-feared long-distance online relationship.

Common amongst young gays, furries and the Renaissance fair set, this involves unhealthy over-ideation on the part of both parties, and only ends with amazingly predictable heartache, tears, and dozens of e-friends signing off in the middle of an emo breakdown conversation.

While unrealistic expectations have always been problematic for everyone but you, with the discovery of the Internets, the world now exists in a state where one is forced to constantly confront those suffering from Unwarranted Self-Importance, including bloggers, website owners, social networking site users, and people who think that shitting out a couple acoustic guitar covers on You Tube will cause them to be "discovered".

Pretty much all of Deviant ART can be summed up by this article. Or summed up as: Delusions of grandeur prevent honest discussion of problems. The main income of a blogger is ad revenue, usually at about a few cents per click.

Immediate treatment is recommended for these individuals, and those suffering similarly.

While "keeping it unreal"; most Wikipedos enjoy developing articles on celebrities, and deleting unlicensed pictures FTW (ie Ichormosquito [1]).This is not true and I will tell you why in this article.A recent study as shown that over 25 million people have used internet dating services.And sure, they enjoy being in school so they can talk about the political ramifications that Machiavelli has on the post-modernist theories of neoconservatism - all for the low, low price ,000 a year.However, after they graduate and they're finally away from the sacred halls of so-called academia, they realize that the past 2-4 years have all been a waste and that their time would have been much better spent at medical school.

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