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box, and have these changes applied to all other cells containing the same drop-down list: If you created a validation rule for one cell and wish to validate other cells with the same criteria at a later point, you don't have to re-create the rule from scratch.

To copy the validation rule in Excel, perform these 4 quick steps: Tip.

When adding a data validation rule in Excel, you can choose one of the predefined settings or specify custom criteria based on your own validation formula.

Below we will discuss each of the built-in options, and next week we will have a closer look at Excel data validation formulas in a separate tutorial.

Select the cells that you wish to restrict to a positive numbers. Select the Data tab in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

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Find all cells with/having data validation in Excel Find cells with/having the same data validation in Excel Also, you can find cells which having the same type data validation in Excel with the Select & Find function. Select a cell with the data validation you want to find in other cells. If the user types something different, Excel will show an error alert explaining what they have done wrong: To add data validation in Excel, perform the following steps.Select one or more cells to validate, go to the As soon as the user selects the validated cell, the following message will show up: In addition to the input message, you can show one of the following error alerts when invalid data is entered in a cell.Among other things, you may want to allow only particular data type such as numbers or dates in a cell, or limit numbers to a certain range and text to a given length.You may even want to provide a predefined list of acceptable entries to eliminate possible mistakes.

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